A big dream come true!

With a large financial support of the Association Step by Step, located in Münster, light could be brought into the sometimes miserable wooden huts of our children. The wooden huts without running water and without electricity were illuminated usually by fireplaces or kerosene lamps. Night falls in Kenya very suddenly by 19 o’clock, and so early a light source must be used. The children, who have walked a very long way to and from school, are also required to perform various activities and also to complete their daily homework until the evening hours in the situation. The previously used kerosene lamps are a great danger to the health of children due to the combustion gases and the inferior light for the respiratory tract and the eyes. The use of solar lights that provide bright light , not only protects the health of children, but also the environment. Through the financial support of the Association Step by Step 30 houses are equipped with solar lamps.
We thank them sincerely.