The association WatotoVisions e.V. is largely funded by donations from various activities . To ensure the security and continuity of funding we provide personal sponsorship . Through the sponsorship, the sponsors have direct contact with the child(ren). The sponsor is usually given the sponsored child(ren) contact and experience a lot that way about the living conditions in Kenya.The children in Kenya diligently write letters to their sponsors and rejoice on responses from Europe . As a sponsor, you will receive regular actual photos of the sponsored child (ren) and information about their family , hobbies, interests and educational status.
The letters of the children require a certain degree of sensitivity because the children in Kenya are living under harsh conditions . A stone house is seen by them often like luxury. According to our estimation , an amount of 25 euro’s per month is adequate donation. This will be shared by all the children not only the child who is sponsored, since we need to equalize all the children. As a non-profit organization , we can annually issue a tax certificate which you can use at your service tax. If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us .